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10 Product Photographers in New York City You Should Hire

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world. People here prefer to buy their daily necessities online. So, it is a very competitive market for online sellers. But, you could move ahead with your store by displaying amazing product photos in your store. Today, we will discuss product photographers in New York city.

Lots of photographers are capturing photos in New York City. In here, you will get professionals and newbies also. Moreover, some photographers capture various types of the photoshoot. However, we only include photographers who take only product photoshoots. Let’s see the product photographers in New York City.

10 Product Photographers In New York City


LEVESCERE STUDIOS offers full-service commercial photography and digital services. A photography studio that serves established brands, businesses, start-ups, and other entities. They feel very proud of their creative work.

Their team has plenty of successful history in crafting and capturing innovative imagery for the web, eCommerce, print, catalog. Although they have photography studios in New York City, they also offer photography sessions to New Jersey, Florida, California, and other locations to their clients. The unique benefit of having a dedicated team of professional photographers and videographers who are passionate and skilled in their craft are always available to provide the best professional photography session.

No matter what it is, headshots and hero shots, whether it be people, products, or both and Events. With their passionate, engaging, and compelling production style; they can tell your story.

Product Photography NYC

Product Photography NYC’s goal is to exceed client expectations! Our business is committed to delivering you the best service and on-time delivery of our unique, fully customizable images. We also respect your privacy, and we do not share personal information with any kind of third-party business.

For every image, they use custom lighting to create the perfect picture clients want. They can take white backgrounds, lifestyle photography, and tailored photography to new heights. Moreover, they have photographers that are specialists in their fields and have genuinely mastered product photography.

After capturing photos, they applied photo retouching techniques for creating stunning images to display your website or eCommerce platforms. Additionally, they offer their service nationwide.

Direct Photos

Do you want to create stunning jewelry product photos? If yes, Direct Photos may help you so much. They are significantly specializing in capturing jewelry product images. However, they can also grab fashion products, accessories, leather goods, drinks, medical products, vitamin products, etc.

Want to draw attention using 360 videos of your product? They also can produce it for you. Direct Photos has a skilled photo retouching team. They will deliver you fantastic product images after photo post-production works.

With ten years of experience in product photography, they claimed that their team could satisfy clients easily.

Executive photos NYC

If you are looking for highly experienced photographers with strong photography backgrounds, Executive Photos NYC is perfect for you. The man behind the company is Michael Benabib, a native New Yorker. He has been working with The New York Times, Rolling stone, and Vibe.

Moreover, the man has experienced capturing some iconic names in the entertainment industry, such as David Bowie, Keith Richards & Puff Daddy.

He has been working experience with over 500 companies in his corporate photography life, including some top-rated companies like American express, J, P, Morgan also. This man is well experienced in his work; if you need his assistance, you can hire him for your commercial photography. His studio is located in Manhattan, New York.

Pop Studios

Pop studios provide a great solutions pack for complete photography. Brian Dalthorp (Photographer) and Adriana Reynoso (Graphic Designer) founded this studio in 2007. So, you will get photography, video, and graphic designing service from one place.

They work in New York and its surroundings. However, they often travel to the client’s location for photo shooting or video graphing. If you want to hire them from outside New York, they are also ready to visit your places.

However, they are honest in their speech. As they said, some of their clients may not like their works, but they will put your mind at ease and get the most amazing shots. How sweet!

With the combined 40 years of experience in photography and designing, they claimed that they could bring out stunning photos for your business.

Square Shoot 

Square shoot is another excellent product photography company, operating their business from New York, California, Texas, and Illiana. Their New York office is working from Brooklyn.

However, if you need to take service from them, you have to send your product. After a pre-scheduled time, square shoot will return your product. They charge for an image basis, not an hourly rate. Depending on images, charges will be $35 to $50 per image.

Square shoot offers complete eCommerce solutions. So, if you’re looking for a New York-based photo retouching service, they are eager to provide this. After completing high-end retouching, they will send you ready-to-use images.


Lenflash New York

Are you running an online jewelry business? Do you need stunning jewelry product photography in New York? Then, Lenflash New York can solve your problem. It is a professional product photography company that provides photography, videography, photo post-production, and image retouching service. A complete solution package for eCommerce business.

Their jewelry photography pricing starts at $22 per angle, product photography begins at $20 per image, and apparel photography starts at $30 per image. If you need product photography with a model, it is also possible. However, they can charge $499 per project for model photography.

The working process is straightforward. At first, register their website and then place an order. Finally, you can download your ready image, which one uploaded to their cloud storage.

Alex Kotlik Photography

if you found any photographer who wants to brings all photography equipment to the location for better product photography, it will be great for your business. Yes, we talked about Alex Kotlik, the founder of Alex Kotlik Photography. He captures photos in his studio and on the location also.

Moreover, Alex provides complete product photography solutions from photography to post-production and photo retouching. His team can handle all types of apparel, shoes, food, packaging, jewelry, watches, electronics, cosmetics, and skincare, furniture, fabrics, etc.

With ten years of experience in product photography, they ensure to provide the best quality and styles you need for your photographs.


Ken Kox, the founder of Kronuus Studio, started his photography career in his apartment, helping a handful of friends who need product photography for their online business. After having successful, he founded his studio in 2003. Now, Kronus Studio becomes a well-equipped product photography studio.

In his photography career, Ken Kox shot for fashion icons such as Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, The Row, Alexis Bittar, Proenza Schouler, Perry Ellis, Eugenia Kim, Zac Posen, Macy’s, Kara Ross, Lulu Frost, and Swarovski.

However, he is specializing in jewelry photography. Whether you need photography, videography, and product photo retouching, ken Kox is always ready to create your content that looks amazing.

NYC Food Photo

Are you an online food seller? Want to display the new food items attractively? NYC food photo is the name for you. The company is specializing in food photography. However, they also offer social media marketing, web site design.

NYC food photo has very positive feedback on their work.  “It’s a pleasure to work with Tiffany and to offer support because I’ve watched her over the years; I know how professional she is and to see someone decide what their passion is and take it to a creative and highly talented and professional level… I’m delighted.” How sweet it is! Tiffany is one of the best product photographers in New York city.

Wrap up

There are plenty of product photographers in New York City. Some photographers provide various types of photography like portraits, weddings, products, etc. However, we try to show photographers who are specializing in product photography only. All the photographers are capturing product photos and create amazing-looking images.




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