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Are you a professional photographer, photography agencies, or an eCommerce retailer? Do you need a high-quality Photoshop remove white background service to grow your business? If so, Orbit Graphics is the perfect place for you. We offer complete product photo editing services and a complete solution to any type of image editing problem or requirement.

Being a well-reputed photo editing company, we offer all kinds of photo editing services. Plus, we have worked with many fashions, products, print media, photography agencies, eCommerce retailers, graphic design agencies for more than 10 years.

Model Background Removal Services

We have more than 100 Photoshop experts and 3 step Quality checker team working all day for ensuring a quality service to our royal partners. Our team can deliver more than 2000 images in a single day. Before placing the order, you may hit our free trial button to justify our quality.

Our Photo Background Removal Service Process

Haven’t worked with us before? This infographics presentation will help you understand our bulk product photo editing service process.

working process of image editing service

What Is Image Background Removal Services?

Image Background Removal online

Background removal means isolating the subject of a photo or image and remove the rest of the image. This turns images a clean, simpler look and emphasizes the subject of the image. The background of a photo always carries a story, without an attractive background a photo is always incompetent and unattractive.

Almost every eCommerce retailer uses the photo background removal service. Product photos with white backgrounds have become the industry norm, and many popular online marketplaces require to remove white background Photoshop services.

Image background removal doesn’t mean only white background. You can also add any single-color background, or add a “contextual” background using this service.

What’s the difference between a clipping path and background removal?

Background removal and clipping path are 2 major parts of photo editing. The clipping path is more critical and can be used for different purposes. A clipping path is a process of creating an outline around any object. Generally, the first point is done at the center of the image and cutting that out. The removed object can be placed in a different image.

Again, background removal is the process of cutting or removing any particular object from the background of any image and put focus on the certain object in the image. Both of the processes are nearly similar but to create them you have to work in different processes.

When You Need & Don’t Need to Use Background Removal Service For Product Photo Editing?

Very often we make mistakes and use the service in the wrong way. But here I will help you to understand when you need and don’t need to use this service.

  1. When have a product image that is in a messy area. You need to use the service. If the product is captured inside a lightbox or in front of a white background you don’t need it.
  2. If the product is reserved for a pricy list then you should use a background removal service.
  3. Considering the Copywrite issue we need to use a background removal service. If there is no issue you can use an image without any editing.

For increasing sell of a product photoshop background changer is helpful.

How To Remove The Background From An Image?

There are many ways to remove the background from an image. It all depends on what the subject of the image is and how advanced the photo editor’s skills are. Generally, we use clipping path techniques to perform the best photo cut out. Aside from that, we use advanced Photoshop masking for several cases such as when the image has hair or fur.

Clipping path

Clipping path is the most effective way for background removal. Generally, we use the Pen Tool in Photoshop to remove the background. It will help you to outline your object perfectly.
The beauty of using clipping path techniques keeps your image edges and brings a realistic look. On other tools, you have chances to lose it. It is suggested to zoom in 300% so that you can capture the smallest details.

Basic Clipping Path service | Orbit Graphics
Image Masking Service

Advanced Photoshop Masking:

If there any hair or fur in the photo, we use some of the advanced Photoshop tools and techniques. For example, the background eraser tool, magic eraser tool, and the color separation technique.
Sometimes, we work with a combination of more than one tool. Finally, your professional backgrounds images will look perfect and realistic. As it brings an attractive and catchy look, it must increase your sales.

When you want to add some color to the background, consider how those colors may affect online shoppers. Are they complementary to the colors of the product? Will they persuade shoppers to buy? Do they resonate with your brand? You might also need to add color to the background of white or transparent products.

When to remove the background for e-commerce product increase sales volume?

Here are some examples are given when you need to use background images photoshop remove service to increase sales.

  1. Is your product is for an e-commerce site? It’s better to use a background removal service for increasing sales.
  2. If something in a picture is not looking relevant then change the background or the unwanted thing.
  3. Is something distracting the main product? Change the background of the image.

If you feel the color of the background need to be changed then do photoshop remove white background remove.

How To Cut Out Photo Background Using Clipping Path

Who Needs Image Background Removing Services?

In short, any eCommerce retailer can be benefitted from this Photoshop service. It’s a tedious task to edit and change backgrounds in Photoshop, especially on large batches of images, for creating buying intensive product photos. Photo editing skill and detail attention are required for doing this. Usually, it is impossible for retailers as they need to focus more on business development.

So, to change the background of photo in Photoshop, a professional photo editing company can help them a lot. It also helps in creating an uniform, consistent look to all product photos on your site. This, in turn, creates a predictable and easy user interface that will help online consumers view and purchase your products.

Whether you have a single Photoshop backgrounds images or a batch of files from your latest photoshoot, it doesn’t matter to us. We can help you by focusing on what really matters in your business: moving the needle.

  • E-commerce Business Owner
  • Media/Agency
  • Online Retailers
  • Product Photographer.
  • Fashion Photographer.
  • Advertiser
  • Magazin publisher
  • Catalog designer.
  • Web Developer
  • Printing Industries

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Professional Image Background Removing For Ecommerce Business

Before After

Almost every big ecommerce retailing businesses like Amazon, eBay, Etsy requires product photography services for their business marketing. If you also need bulk or normal image editing services, then contact with us. 

As a professional product photo editing service provider, we know very well about each market product photography guidelines. So, you will be easily approved by these eCommerce merchants.

We use the clipping path and Photoshop image masking techniques for removing unwanted objects and elements. Our team always tries to set products in the best places so that it may draw the buyer’s attention easily.

Ecommerce background removal service includes:

  • Remove unwanted elements
  • Isolate objects from their background
  • White background product images
  • Fixing borders
  • Image placements
  • Photo resizing or cropping
  • Ghost mannequin effect creation
  • Adding a shadow effect.

Product Photo Background Changing Service For Media/Agencies

Are you product photography agencies?

We know agencies have a lot of pressure having lots of image processing tasks, and it isn’t easy to edit this large volume of images. Only a highly qualified and trusted photo editing company can be your best co-partner.

We have many years of experience as we have worked with many online retailers like jewelry, clothing, food, electronics, cosmetics, etc. All you get from here is high-quality image background cut out using clipping paths and image masking. No matter how much the image volume is, our team can deliver this at a certain deadline.

Our Product photography background removal service includes:

  • Remove unwanted elements
  • Isolate objects from their background
  • White background product images
  • Fixing borders
  • Image placements
  • Photo resizing or cropping
  • Ghost mannequin effect creation
  • Adding a shadow effect
  • Image Color correction
  • Photo Cleaning
Jewelry Background Removal Services

Professional Background Removal Service For Small Entrepreneurs

Before After

Do you want to become an entrepreneur or already started selling your product on Amazon, eBay, or like these websites? Are you worried about your poor editing that may drop down your sales?

Orbit graphics always inspires all new entrepreneurs and small sellers. Some big photo editing companies don’t take small orders, but we never do this.

You will get the product photo editing service as big dealers at your budget. Our team will make your image eye-catching, and it quickly draws your buyer’s attention.

Background Removal Service for New and Small Entrepreneur includes:
    • Remove unwanted elements
    • Isolate objects from their background
    • White background product images
    • Fixing borders
    • Image placements
    • Photo resizing or cropping
    • Ghost mannequin effect creation
    • Adding a shadow effect
    • Color correction
    • Photo Cleaning

Cut Out Your Images With Adobe Photoshop at Orbit Graphics

In the market, a lot of automating editing software prevails. You may use it for cost-saving, unworthy background removal. It is proved this automated software can’t deliver great work accurately.

Therefore, we aren’t against it.

We provide a hand-made removing white background Photoshop service with the highest accuracy. So, if you need this Photoshop background changer service, we can help you by give our best. For this, we use Photoshop, the best photo editing tool, for high-quality hand-made editing.

Nobody can ignore it. Our process is straightforward; get a quote for your project. After confirmation, upload your photos, and our team will deliver your project timely.

Cut Out Your Image Service Includes:

  • Photoshop clipping paths 
  • Advanced photoshop masking.
  • Photo resizing
  • Border fixing
  • Color correction
  • Adding shadows 
  • Photo Cleaning
  • Image Cropping
  • Ghost Mannequin Effect
Model Background Removal Services | Orbit Graphics

How to Compare Best background removal services in 2021 With affordable Prices?

The Best photo cutout Services with background remove can be determined considering several facts according to its price. Here I will shortly show up the facts.

  • First thing to consider is the quality of the work. Some service providers may charge very little but in the end, they provide the worst service.
  • Time limit is another fact. Compare how fast and a service provider can deliver any rad maintaining the quality.
  • You can also compare the customer service. If you need any correction the provider will solve it. Comparing how fast and friendly their services omg different companies.
  • The final thing you can compare is the reputation of the company. Try to know about the service. Understand if the owners are satisfied or not and then hand over your task.

Comparing the facts, you can understand why our service is the best. Besides, we have a good reputation for providing quality service maintain a certain deadline.

Why Outsource Background Removal Services?

Outsourcing background removal service is important for getting a professor-level edit is used. You can use the edited photo more confidently and there is more chance to get a sell on that photo. Besides, to get a quality service you need to outsource for the best service. However, it may consume some of your time but ultimately it will be beneficial.

Why Choose our Background Removing Services with the best offer?

I think I don’t need to say a lot more about our service. You have already understood our way of editing. However, learn a little extra about our professional backgrounds images change service that why we are the best and you should choose us.

  • We maintain the quality of every single image.
  • We price error-free images.
  • Our editors are professional and all of them are highly skilled.
  • Pricing at our site is quite reasonable.
  • Our editors are strict at maintaining deadlines.
  • We ensure 24/7 customer support.
  • You can order a little too huge (any quantity you want)

That’s not it, you can get clean white background, cutting someone out of a picture, Photoshop background changes, remove people from photographs, delete white background Photoshop, remove item from photo, and many more, using our product backgrounds removing service.

Why Orbit Graphics For Image Background Removal Purpose?

quality photo editing service


We offer best quality work. Because we care about your reputation and your brand. Our business build upon quaity on work.

timely delivery icon


We know the value of your time. For on-time delivery. Our experienced and skilled graphic designers work with full dedication.

Save money icon


We offer best reasonable prices with best quality work. We offer amazing discount offer for a large volume of images.

Some Freequent Ask Question About Background Removal Service

Of course, we offer all types of background removal service. It includes a transparent backgroundwhite background. You can also place your object over a completely new background and more

Sure, we value every customer equally. It doesn’t matter to us whether you send us single images or bulk sizes. We appreciate each one equally. And it is guaranteed; you will get a high-quality photo editing service that will meet up your satisfaction.

Well, we can deliver a rush project file with satisfaction guaranteed service. But you should pay a little bit more than our regular pricing. How much we will charge; basically, it depends on image size, editing demands. But one thing we can assure you; you will get very competitive pricing from us.

If you need a completed edited image, our team can deliver it flawlessly. Whatever you think, complete editing or remove the original background, we are the best. Yes, when you quote against your product or photography, we include basic retouching for each project. But, if you need high-end photo retouchingimage manipulation, inform us before the quote.

Firstly, Orbit graphics is a globally renowned photoshop services company. Secondly, we have worked with many world-famous media agencies, graphic design agencies, photographers, and e-commerce retailers. We have also worked with print media, fashion, and other creative agencies for the last 10 years.

Thirdly, we have a highly experienced and skilled photo editors team. And they are ceaselessly giving their best efforts to bring out a great result. We can currently deliver 2000 edited images daily, and the usual turnaround time is 12-24 hours. Before onboarding as a customer, you can try us for free.

Background Removal Service Examples


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