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Terms & Condition

These Terms & Conditions apply to the Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) website. As the site is the property of OGL authorities and its licensors. By using this website, you agree to follow the terms of this site. If you don’t want to follow this, don’t use this website.

Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove any terms & conditions at any time. It is your duty to check it sometimes. We suggest everyone check periodically to check any updates on this website.

Terms Of Use

  • The content we provide on this website is for general information purposes. We may change it without any prior notice.
  • No one can guarantee 100% accuracy of any work. So, the information on this website may include inaccuracy. We expressly exclude liability of any inaccuracy and errors permitted by law.

Free Trial

Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) offers a free trial of up to two images for their new client. To get this, you must request a free trial from our website. You must include your domain address and contact information. Note that, Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) reserves the right to refuse a free trial if it takes too much time to complete such as logo design, vector conversion, photo manipulations, high-end retouching service. We don’t allow personal images as a free trial. If you want to edit this, you must request a quote for your job.

Payment Method:

We accept payment via Master Card, Wire Transfer, Visa Card, PayPal, Direct Bank Deposit.

Quality Guaranteed:

Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) commits to provide high-quality service. So, if you are not satisfied with our work, you can contact our customer support or sales representative. We will fix your problem soon. For this, don’t need to pay an extra charge. However, if the reason is poor communication with you (clients), Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) can make amendments. Therefore, we don’t charge huge for these amendments.

File Storage Policy:

We keep backups of your file for two months. After this period, we will delete it from our servers. So, if you need your files, within this period, you must notify us.

Use of Image:

Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) reserves the right of using any free trial images for its own promotional purposes. For example, we have the right to publish it on our website without the permission of the image owner. However, you can also prevent us to publish it by sending us an email requesting not to publish it. We may also request your permission to use your photos in our portfolio section. But, the decision is up to you. You may grant us publishing it or not. Without your permission, we don’t use your photos.

Website Disclaimer

The information, content we use on this website general purpose only. Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) reserves the right to change, modifying any information without prior notice. It is our right to update our information at any time. We have also the right to change any particular section of this website or total website at any time.

You have the right to use our content for personal use, not commercial issues. Still, direct copying will be a violation of copyright law. And Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) can take any action for this. You are able to link this website which is not control in “orbitgraphics.com”.

We always try to run our website smoothly. And our teams always work for this purpose. If any mistake occurs or you face any trouble for any technical issue, Orbit Graphics Ltd (OGL) will not be liable for this in convince. As temporarily unavailable due to technical issue is beyond our control.

What Type of Images We Avoid

We don’t work with nude or pornography images. As it is a violation of our company policy.

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