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Do you need a high-quality clipping path service for your business? Are you willing to increase your sales and generate more profit from your shop? The only solution is high-quality edited product image display. And, there is no alternative to accurate clipping path on the product image. When it comes to perfect clipping path service, a lot of skill, more attention is required for creating a lifelike image that draws the shopper’s attention at a first glance. We know the role of images on your business and guarantee to satisfy you with an accurate clipping path.

Orbit Graphics is a well-reputed clipping path company offering all kinds of photo editing services. With more than 10 years of experience, we have worked with many fashions, products, print media, photography agencies. More than 100 Photoshop experts employee works all day helping our royal partners. Our team can deliver 2000 images in a single day. Before placing an order, we suggest hitting the free trial button to see our service- quality.

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Our Clipping Path Service Process

Haven’t worked with us before? This infographics presentation will help you
understand our bulk product photo editing service process.

working process of image editing service
Simple clipping path service

What Is Photo Clipping Path Service?

Want to know the clipping path definition? Clipping Path to cut out with great manifest, nicety, clear, and exactness to replace the background in an image with a new and wonderful background of your choice. This also allows us to create clipping path in Photoshop, remove backgrounds in photos that are damaged, old, and scratched with a Clean and good Background or insert a uniform background for your catalog of products or Photoshop text on path. Advance Clipping Path has extreme straight and curved edges with extreme embedded transparency gaps. Extreme images like human hair and a group of objects take 30 minutes or more to finish. You can also use clipping path illustrator but that is not simple like using Photoshop.

Why Photographs Demands Clipping Path Service?

Now it’s time to show you some benefits of using clipping path service.

  • Erasing background of an image.
  • Removing any color background from product Image.
  • To isolate any product from the pile clipping path is required to separate the actual product. 
  • If you need a PNG format image, the clipping path service helps you creating a transparent background.
  • Clipping path techniques will help you make any background color of existing images.
  • When a reflection shadow has to create, a clipping path is requisite to make a reflection shadow.
  • We apply clipping path techniques on images, for vector design.
  • Warp a particular portion of an image here need a clipping path service.
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Our Clipping Path Service Categories

Basic Clipping path

Basic Clipping path service

A basic clipping path is straightforward, effortless, and low cost to create clipping but you need to use some tools such as path selection tool Photoshop, paths panel Photoshop, Photoshop path selection tool, Photoshop text on a path, etc. It will not take time for more than 3 minutes. It would be the best example of a small four corner or round shape box, balls, books, phones, etc.

Simple Clipping path

Best Clipping Path Service

Some little complex than the primary clipping path but easy to draw by hand. It will not take time for more than 5 minutes. It will cost you a little more to create than basic. It is more than basic because it would be more edges, curves, corners, and some inside gap. An example of the simple clipping path would be standard jewelry, a single chair, table, etc.

Compound Clipping path

model clipping path service

A compound clipping path would be more complicated than a simple clipping path. Sometimes, it needs to be 10 to 15 minutes to clipping because it would include uneven edges, a zigzag curve, and an extra hole. Its best example would consist of models, small jewelry like earrings, pendants, etc.

Complex Clipping path

complex jewelry path

Complex clipping paths need more than 45 minutes per image. It is hard enough to create a group basis part by part and then marge all elements to create a complete clipping path. To remove background, this type of clipping path cost you your expectation more. Its example would be a small tree, earring, and chair with multiple gaps, etc. 

Super Complex Clipping path

Super Complex cycle clipping path service

The super complex image needs more than one hour per image. To clipping path, this type of image is time and cash both expensive. If you are in a rush, then it needs to work team base on an image. It would consist of uncountable inside gaps, a model with hair, woolen sweater, blanket, big tree, etc. 

Multiple Clipping path

Multi path service

How much time need for a multipath image? It relies on how much its color variations in a snap. Time could not pre-determined. Why multi clipping path? Multi clipping paths need to separate all colors from garments or watch for changing color or change parts to add other components. When products are the same, but it requires multiple color variation, you can multiple clipping paths and change color easily without taking all the product shots. It saves you time and money. An example would be garments, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.  

Why Orbit Graphics For Photoshop Clipping Path Service?

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We offer best quality work. Because we care about your reputation and your brand. Our business build upon quality on work.

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We know the value of your time. For on-time delivery. Our experienced and skilled graphic designers work with full dedication.

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We offer best reasonable prices with best quality work. We offer amazing discount offer for a large volume of images.

Discount . Service!

Orbit Graphics providing a discount offer on your image to save your cash. We are here for you can give the best discount on a batch image. The discount rate depends on image quantity or a lot. Big batch brings you a big discount offer. Sometimes we also offer a large quantity free trial like five or ten free trials per set. We also put a fantastic discount offer on every yearly festival on Christmas day, Easter Sunday. You will also get some exclusive offers on Black Friday, Halloween day, Independence Day, New Year’s Day.

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15% off

Discount for all clipping path service.

Daily 200-500 images.

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30% off

Discount for all clipping path service.

Daily 501-2000 images.

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40% off 

Discount for all clipping path service.

Daily 2001-5000 images.

Benefits of Best Clipping Path Service

It is tough to describe the importance of clipping path in a single line. However, it is the root of all photo editing services. Before applying any advanced photo editing techniques on the photograph, editors apply Photoshop cut out service.

Therefore, we are talking about some benefits of the clipping path service.

Better Photo Presentation:

It is essential, especially for ecommerce business. Online retailers want to present their product photos in the best way. However, it is a highly competitive industry. Everyone wants to showcase their products in neat and clean photos.

Every professional product photo editing service provider know well about this. They also apply some advanced photo editing techniques like color correctionghost mannequin effect, shadow effectphoto retouching, and more with clipping path services.

Brand Reputation:

Again, online retailers want to build a strong brand reputation in the market. With other facilities like customer support, product quality, and user-friendly website, they need to focus on high-quality edited product images.

Eye-catching edited product photos can quickly draw customer attention. With mixing other services, it helps to build a strong brand reputation in the market.

Promotion and Boost Business:

Without promotion, it is infrequent getting sales and boost business, especially in the ecommerce business. For promotion, a high-quality edited image is a must.

An attractive image can quickly draw the consumer’s attraction. That’s why professional clipping service is a must. If you use automated software for doing this, it may destroy your business.


Every photographer needs to keep a portfolio for their works. It is true; some advanced cameras have useful settings to capture perfect photos.

Therefore, photos need to edit to make more attractive visualizations. Clipping path service may help them isolate unnecessary elements, change any elements, and separate each section from others.

Why You Should Hire Professional Clipping Path Company

You already see the benefits of clipping path service. And it is not ignorable. Remember, unprofessional, unattractive images may badly affect your career and business.

However, it is time to hire a professional clipping path company.


The reason is very straightforward, getting the professional level of works.

In online, lots of automating clipping path software are available. But, after trying it, you will see images edges have lost.

Don’t believe this!

Okay, try some software and see the results. I am not against any software. I tried some software and got horrible results.

However, the opportunity is minimal to get your desired results using this software. Only a professional clipping path company can meet your demands.

You may do it by yourselves also. But, it is laborious and time-consuming works. You can hire a professional clipping path company at reasonable pricing. It saves both your time and money both.

Why Orbit Graphics is The Best Other Clipping path service Company.

Of course, high- quality photo editing skill is the big issue of selecting any clipping path service company. But, is it everything?

Definitely, no.

Lot of other things you should think about before selecting a clipping path Service Company. Anyone may be highly skilled in image clipping service. But, do they capable of completing your projects?

It may not be a significant issue for individual photographers because their image volume is small. So, an individual photo editor may handle this easily.

But what’s about ecommerce companies?

Big ecommerce companies, photography studios have a lot of images. Individual photo editors can’t handle their projects.

To meet demands, a professional clipping path company is a must. In online, you can find a lot of clipping path Service Company.

So, why Orbit Graphics?

Though high—quality photo editing services is our prominent advantage. Therefore, you will get some other facilities also.

In-time delivery:

We are capable of delivering images timely at any volume of images. Our photo editing team works 24 hours to meet the delivery time. Generally, we deliver our works within 24hours. For bulk orders, we are capable of delivering 2000 images daily. However, if you need rush service, it is also possible from us. That’s amazing.

Reasonable Pricing: 

Who doesn’t want to save money, especially when you have the opportunity? Of course, everyone. We offer very competitive pricing rather than other highly professional clipping path company. Due to a lot of other advantages, we can offer our client’s reasonable pricing. Moreover, we offer a discount on bulk clipping path services.

Pay Us after satisfying:

It is a big difference from Orbit Graphics and other professional clipping path companies. Almost every professional clipping path service company takes in advance of their works. Moreover, some of them have hidden charges also. However, we are not that kind of company. You can pay us after seeing your works. We believe it may be a danger for us. At the same time, we are much confident about our work.

Feature of best clipping path company

Customer Support:

 Every Photoshop clipping path Service Company has a customer support team. So, why I am mentioning it here, it doesn’t matter on the customer support team. The only matter is how quickly they can support their customers. In these cases, orbit graphics beats other Photoshop clipping path Service Company. We respond very quickly to any message. Don’t believe this? Okay, try us any time of the day.

Best Clipping Path Service in Bangladesh

Due to a lot of facilities, lots of clipping Path Company established in Bangladesh. Almost every clipping path company is doing better. But, is all company suitable for doing all projects?

Of course, not.

Do you care about gaining a high-profit margin by increasing your store sales?

If yes, you must focus on quality product photos. It is impossible to gain without product photo editing. It is a combined package of making photos more attractive visualizations, including Photoshop clipping path service.

Client satisfaction guaranteed service, as per their demand, is our top priory. We are feeling proud to see the reviews and happiness of our clients about our service. And, it helps to make us one of the best clipping path services in Bangladesh.

  • Without sacrificing quality, getting low pricing clipping path service in comparison than other companies
  • Experienced clipping path team, they only do clipping path.
  • Have the experience to identify the suitability of using images.
  • Well, knowledge about clipping path, cropping, the image extracting, separations, and resizing.
  • Meet client’s requirements, such as quality, delivery time, customer support, pricing, and more issues.
  • Always use trending technology, such as an updated Photoshop version.
  • In-depth knowledge of images.


Clipping Path Service New York, USA

After starting the Photoshop clipping path service, we get very well appreciation from our clients. After many years of establishing, we feel the urgency of establishing our office in New York. Now, Orbit Graphics started their office in New York, USA.

As our majority of clients come from the USA, we try to provide our best supports for them. So, anyone can contact us directly at our offices.

Clipping Path Service at Worldwide

Yes, our maximum clients are from the United States. But, it doesn’t mean we only provide clipping path service in the United States. As an online photo editing service provider, we provide our services globally. Anyone from any place can order us and get their services. However, we have worked with some other countries also.

Clipping Path Asia:

Some countries of Asian are becoming more digitalized day by day. As a result, digital photo editing service is becoming more popular among themselves. Although we didn’t get much work in Asian countries, the numbers are increasing enormously. We have worked with Some Asian country’s photographers and agencies like China, Japan, South Korea, Philippines. They are excellent, and we are happy to work with them.

UK Clipping Path:

The United Kingdom is one of the top priority countries. We have worked with lots of photographers, agencies, and retailers in the United Kingdom. We don’t provide clipping path service and complete product photo editing service to our clients here.

Clipping Path in Europe:

In Europe, we have worked with several country’s photographers and agencies. They are excellent and friendly. Some European countries like Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and France always prefer to outsource photo editing services. We feel proud to serve our clients with satisfaction.

Our Clipping Path service examples


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