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Do you have problems with creating images that are appealing to you or your clients? Or do you have many photos that need photo editing services with minimum due time? Are they dragging your project down and giving you a hard time? Worry no more! Orbit Graphics will help you create appealing images and speed up your project with a fast delivery time, privacy guarantee with minimum cost, and guaranteed excellent image quality. We are professional photo editing service provider.  You can get your images delivered within the next 12 hours after you place an order. We are always open, offering 24/7 support to our clients who can seek our services at any moment. Moreover, We deliver up to 2000 images per day.

You can reduce project bulkiness and lack of sleep and concentrate more on creativity and your core services. Just let us handle your burden. Focus yourself on managing more projects and start new projects swiftly and systematically. We have speedy and efficient solutions for you. Our services extend to experienced photographers, magazine publishers, freelance graphic designers, and creative marketing agencies, product catalog managers, printing companies, fashion magazines or E-Commerce platform.

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We offer a wide range of services for photographers that you can try, like; clipping path services, coloring and contrasting correction, image masking service, restoration, and photo background removal, masking, and retouching in photo editing, and many more. We have a high set standard of image editing and renovation by producing high-quality results. We maintain strict quality control procedures during, photo editing, post-editing, and pre-delivery stages; each image is double checked for quality before sending.

Our Photo Editing Services Process

Haven’t work with us before? This info graphics presentation will help you understand our bulk product photo editing service process.

Outsourcing photo editing service at orbit graphics is straightforward. We follow some steps to make our clients easier. Before ordering any place, we suggest each new customer take our services free. Let’s discuss the steps you can follow for ordering us.


  1. Get a quote: photo editing is an extensive work. Every photo needs to take care of bringing great outcomes. For complete photo editing, you may need to apply multiple photo editing techniques in a single shot. For example, you may need to correct color, resizing, cropping, background changing, retouching for making a complete available image. Therefore, each section of works has different pricing. So, it is always best to get a quote for your project. Our team will see the instructions you provided. After that, they will send you the perfect pricing for your project. We also offer a discount on the volume of image post-processing. We will also clear it in the quotation. Don’t worry. We never provide too much high pricing for works. You will be satisfied with it.

  2. Give us a green signal: after seeing the quotation, if you’re happy with this pricing, give us a green indication. If you think prices may be a little bit high, just let us know. Pricing is always negotiable. So, after negotiating, we will find excellent solutions for your project. It is our 2nd step, where clients give us a signal having no issues with giving us a task.

  3. Start image post-processing: at this step, our photo editing team start editing your images. We have separate groups to make work more effective. Each unit has individual roles in editing.

  4. Check the quality: Finally, our quality controller checks the work matching the instructions. If they think it fits your requirements, we deliver our work. We are committed to providing high-quality results.

  5. Be satisfied: client satisfaction is our top priority. Our team will work until you’re confident with work matching your instructions. For re-work, if you don’t change any instructions you provided us early, we will never charge. For changing instructions, we charge a minimal amount. Pay only when you’re satisfied with work.

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Orbit Graphics- A Professional Photo Editing Services Company

Orbit graphics is an outsourcing photo editing company for eCommerce, fashion brands, photographers, and more. We care for every person who wants excellent visualizations. We started photography editing services since 2010. And, from then, we were never stopping our editing photo service. Now, we are giving more focus on more standards results in less time with customer satisfaction.

At the starting point of orbit graphics, it was tiny. Two expert photo retoucher began to edit photos for clients in a single room. Now, we have a very professional editing team. They have outstanding capacities to meet outsourcer’s demand. As we provide digital photo editing services worldwide, we know tastes are different from person to person, countries to countries. Our offshore photo editing team also knows this well. So, we can quickly fulfill our customer’s demands. Moreover, our learning program guides them to keep pace with all modern trends of edits. 

Orbit Graphics has a strong customer support team. They are very dedicated minded helping everyone. No matter, you’re our customer or not. We try our best to provide the information, that you need.

Sometimes, you may need high end photo retouching for your photos. Our photo editing team can do it quickly. We are suitable for any level of photo editing. Whether you need basic edits or advanced photography editing service, we can provide this.

Our Popular Image Editing Services For Photographers And Online Retailers

Orbit Graphics has been providing satisfaction guaranteed photo editing services for many years. Get high-quality image editing service at affordable pricing. Bulk product editing service for eCommerce photographers, photography agencies and online retailers.

Basic Clipping Path service | Orbit Graphics

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is one of the techniques applied for image background removal. We offer high-quality clipping path services with quick turnaround time. Orbit graphics has a path specialized team, Their only role is doing a perfect clipping path with unlimited revision. We never compromise on quality.

Background Removal service USA

Background Removal Service

Orbit Graphics provides high-quality image background removal service at the lowest price. We apply the clipping path and advanced photoshop masking techniques for removing unwanted objects from the background or place the object on completely a new colorful background. Send us 2 images and get free editing.

Image masking Services USA

Image Masking Service

Advanced Photoshop masking is also applied for image background removal. Especially for soft edges images like model hair, fur on the animal. Clipping path techniques don’t work well in these images. We use multiple adobe photoshop tools for isolating objects in such images.

Glamour retouching USA

Image Retouching Service

Photo retouching service is a top-rated photo editing service used for photo enhancement. Photoshop experts remove dust, spot, scratches, blemishes from the images at first. After that using some tools they enhance beautification of these images. Final images find a sparkling look.

Image Color Corrections Service USA

Color Correction Services

Color correction service is an extremely helpful clothing eCommerce business. As, taking each color garment item photoshoot is really difficult, costly, and time-consuming. But, color correction solves the problem easily. With photoshop, we change colors of garments items as per your requirement.


Product Photo Editing Service

Orbit Graphics provides all types of product photo editing services for our clients. Our services include image background removal, color correction, shadow effect, photo retouching service, resizing and cropping, ghost mannequin effect, photo cleaning, image enhancement, and more.

Prices For Professional Photo Editing Services

We set a competitive price for our professional photo editing services. It is highly affordable. We don’t say it is the lowest price in the market. But we guarantee, it is highly competitive for high-quality editing service. Try us free and be a judge of our work.

clipping path icon

Clipping Path

Starting at $0.40USD/image

Shadow Creation service USA icon

Shadow Creation

Starting at $0.25USD/image

Ghost Mannequin Effect USA icon

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Starting at $1.00USD/image

Our Experience And Skill For Professional Photo Editing Services

Over 10 years of experience in professional photo editing services, we have been working with many professional photographers, image catalog companies, eCommerce retailers, product photography agencies, and many corporate level clients. As a result, we have been able to gain customers’ trust through our service. Now, Orbit Graphics is a well-trusted photo editing company among the world having more than 100 high-skilled expert editors. Therefore, We guarantee we can bring the best result of your images. Get free services from our experts.

Clipping Path, Background Removal Services > Start @ $.39

Hi-Quality Photo editing, Background removal , Image manipulation, E-commerce image editing Service provider.

Why Orbit Graphics For Professional Photo Editing Services?

quality photo editing service


 We offer best quality work. Because we care about your reputation and your brand. Our business build upon quaity on work.

timely delivery icon


We know the value of your time. For on-time delivery. Our experienced and skilled graphic designers work with full dedication.

Save money icon


We offer best reasonable prices with best quality work. We offer amazing discount offer for a large volume of images.

Photo Editing Service for Photographers.

Photography is a highly challenging profession. Every photographer tries to bring out the best result from photo-shoot. Although a few cameras have an advanced setting, still it is not possible to bring out the best shoot without photo post-processing works.

For making it attractive, they need to depend on photo editing tools. But, It is a very labor-intensive work. Every photo editors can’t do this. Skill, merit, and patience need to do this correctly. Photo editors who have all these abilities are perfect for bringing a better and attractive outlook.

We often hear photo editing isn’t necessary for better photographs. Also, it is one kind of betrayal. What do you think about photo editing? From our point, we can say it depends. Suppose a photographer can settings the camera properly, manage to lighten accurately, find the right model with perfect beautification, perfect locations for the shoot, and exact timing for exposure. In that case, they don’t need to take a photo editing service.

But, most often, it is quite impossible to manage all things correctly in a scheduled time. For this, they take the benefit of a professional photo editing service.
Moreover, commercial photographers need to capture product photos, corporate photography. For product photography, editing is a must. As, every product is selling eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy has its product uploading guidelines. You must need to fulfill their policies before uploading a product image.

At orbit graphics, we have a high-skilled photo retouching team; they can quickly bring the best features look of portrait photography. For product photography, we offer complete photo editing solutions. From creating white background in photos, we also do retouching, resizing and cropping, shadow adding, re-coloring and creating a ghost effect on aprreals. We also have a commercial photo editing skilled team for edits. Final results will always meet expectations. 

List Of Our Photo Editing Services For Photographers.

  • Photo Background Removal
  • Shadow Effect Creation
  • Ghost Effect Creation
  • Photo Retouching
  • Color Correction, Re-color, Color Grading
  • Image Resizing and Cropping
  • Photoshop Image Masking
  • Photo Restoration and more
How we can help photographer?

Some Exclusive Photo Editing Services we cover:

  • Real estate photography editing:

Today, we can easily buy and sell real estate property online. For this, a real estate photographer works very hard. As they need to show property very clearly in their photography. As a professional image editing company, we help real estate photographer to make their images more attractive and realistic. Real estate photographs need  white balance adjustments, exposure adjustments, removal of extra parts, and more to make the property attractive. Our photo retoucher can easily do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer or real estate broker; if you need real estate photo editing, we can help you for a better presentation.

  • Wedding Photography Editing:

A wedding is an extraordinary moment in everyone’s life. So, they want to freeze their special moments. For this, wedding photographers need to busy the whole day to capture each moment. It is challenging to capture each photo perfectly. Because, timing, lightening, perfection, poses, are essential here. Moreover, the wedding venue becomes a crowded place. So, often some elements, backgrounds, persons may include in the picture. And, this is uncontrollable. So, using a wedding photo editing service, the photographer can quickly fix these issues and make it more appealing. We also help wed photographer for culling wedding photography, soften skin, and blemish removal, color correction, unwanted object removal and more. We will work until you meet your exact style.

  •  E-commerce Photography Editing:

we know that perfect product photography is the key to success in e-commerce. Buyers make purchase decisions seeing product image. You may have an expert marketing team; they can show your product in front of the right people. But, if your product photography doesn’t attract your buyer, you won’t get sales. For making product photos appealing, we can help you. Our photo editors after taking your product photos, process it fitting for display in your online store.

Moreover, if you want to sell the product on big e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, you need to follow their guidelines. And, for doing this, you need to take help from photo editors. From resizing to cropping, background removal to product photo retouching, we can help you. We can also add shadows for a naked product like a wallet. We care for each client equally, no matter your single store owner or a large online retailer. Our editors will help you to make your photos more attractive.

What is image editing- the complete guide
  • Portrait photography editing:

Glamour is very important at portrait photography. Portrait photographers need to bring out the best result. As, maximum portrait photography is used for the model, magazine covers and more. So, for bringing excellent outcome results, it must need a professional portrait retouching services. As a photo editor, we apply multiple techniques to make images more attractive. Here, we may need blemish removal, skin retouching, wrinkle removal, body slimming, dodging and burning, face swapping, and color adjustments, and more techniques.  However, we provide complete high end fashion photo retouching solutions. When images are ready to use, you will see great outcome result of your photography.

  • Photo manipulations:

Photo manipulations are a technique of altering a photograph. Photo editors use multiple strategies to transform the picture, achieving their goals. Although, some unethical uses we see using photo manipulation. Still, there are a lot of ethical photo manipulations we see. At Orbit graphics, never do evil image manipulation. Our photo editors are highly skilled to create a new form of photographs using their merit and skill.

  • Digital Photo Restoration:

As a part of a professional photo editing service, we provide a digital photo restoration service. , we can call it to restore your old photographs. Photographs which are damaged by environmental causes, neglect, naturally or even human-made, our photo editors change the appearance of pictures and make it alive. We remove the scratches, blemish, skin retouching, colorize black and white photos, enhancement the images, and more. As we honor your memories, our photo editors try their best for making it alive.

  • Raster to Vector Conversions:

Digital photographs may need to use multiple platforms. Each platform has a different image sharing size. If you use raster files, the image ratio may be affected. Sometimes, you may need to ready your images for printing media uses. In raster image files, it is impossible. Vector image file is only the solution. Our photo editors convert raster files to vector images perfectly.

Orbit Graphics can be your suitable photo editing company.

Over ten years of experience in professional photo editing service, we served many clients for making their images appealing. From our experience, we can help you with the best photo editing service your desire. Let’s see some reasons for becoming a suitable photo editing company for your project.

Quality assurance:

we never compromise with quality. As we have each section, individual team, for prefect editing, the chances are very few for doing wrong. The team leader always follows whether the client’s instructions are following or not. After that, our quality controller team, again check the images matching with instructions. Therefore, if any mistake occurs, we will edit it t free of cost. So, clients always get satisfactory works from us.


usually, we deliver our work within 24hours. However, depending on our production work pressure, we take the time up to 72hours from our clients. If you need rush service, inform us. Our production team will handle this, and you will get your work timely. For rush service, you may need to pay a little more than the regular service charge. Don’t worry; we will manage everything to deliver your works.


Who doesn’t want to get service at a minimal cost? We offer very competitive pricing comparing to other professional photo editing company. It is our motto to provide the best service at the lowest price. That’s why photographers love us for photo editing.

Traning Session For Editors

We provide a training session for our photo editors for each new version of photoshop and its more straightforward actions. We have a team for making photoshop actions. So, our photo editors are always up to date.

Wide Range Of Photo Editing

We provide a wide range of photo editing services. So, everybody who needs photography editing services can be benefited from us. If they don’t have any instructions plan to make images more attractive, we suggest them as we have vast experience in photography editing services. We helped our many clients to choose the right decisions about edits.

Bulk Photo editing services

We set an affordable price for regular works. No matter, you have only one image for editing or bulk orders, our editing process will remain the same. But, for bulk photo editing services, we offer a discount. Who doesn’t love this? And they deserve this discount for their quantity of images. Our discount system is pretty straightforward where some competitors keep it hidden.

However, it depends on image complexity, quantity. For example, if clients need only clipping path service, discount availability starts with a minimum of 200 files. For this, we provide a 10% discount. But, for a photo retouching service, you need to send only 50 files to get a deal, and its margin is 15%.

So, what types of discount you will get, depends on the post-processing service you needed. It is always better to ask a custom photo editing quotation from us, giving the sample file and its volume. It will help us to consider your discount level.

Photo Editing Services at Worldwide

We often get a question, are you provide service in our country? Many of our clients become confused sometimes. As an online photo editing service provider, we provide our service globally. You can place your order from any part of the world. Our editing team will help you to bring the best outcome for your images. However, we are mentioning some countries here. We have already edited photos for the photographers, fashion brands, online retailers of these countries. Again, it doesn’t mean that we only provide our services in these countries.

We've assembled photographers

remotely with great success, as you can see from the testimonial below. We have online support on our website (look at the bottom right corner) we you can chat with English or French speaking manager to ask question or discuss details of your photo retouching order. If you are a Canadian photographer from Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebec or Montreal, or live in British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta. We can list there all Canadian provinces, but let’s say - no matter where exactly you live in Canada - just try our service to get all benefits of outsourced photo editing workflow.

and we operate With Canadian

photographers with fantastic success.
We now have an online service on the site (look in the bottom right corner) we could chat with English speaking supervisor to ask a question or share details of your photo retouching order. We can record there all Canadian provinces, but let us state – regardless of where exactly you reside in Canada – only try our support to acquire all advantages of outsourced picture editing workflow.

China becomes more and more digitalized rapidly. Though, the language was the barrier to work with them at first. But, now we have a member highly skilled in the Chinese language. That’s why it is now easy to work with them. They need basic to advanced color correction, photo retouching, and product photo editing service. As it is a big nation having a lot of travel spots, we often get photo editing proposals from them. Now, we establish our quality by creating their photographs edited by way of picture post-processing solutions.

They are fantastic and polite also. Our company is very much pleased to work with them, and we are ready to help more photographers, fashion brands, online retailers by providing excellent photo editing services.

photographers, photography agencies. As Europe is the best choice for the traveler, the photography business grows well here. We have the experience to work with many European countries like Italy, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and more. We’re multi languages online picture editing. Soon, our site will include different language to satisfy the needs of European photographers. Communications will be more comfortable. There are no bounds in the World Wide Web; you can purchase photo editing solutions at which you reside. Read testimonials from our happy customers and be of them.

North to south, we provide photo editing services all over Australia. Do not be afraid to outsource your image editing. You will get the best quality photo editing services.

retouching services; we’re always pleased to work with various cultures and states adapting to the customer’s style and requirements.

the Japanese photographers. We are delighted to work with them—that’s why we listed them as our client’s list. If you’re from Japan, feel free to ask any queries. We will be glad to help you with a professional photo editing service. We will also add the Japanese language to our site very soon. It will help them to communicate with us more easily.

it is on our customer list. If you’d like you can try out any amount you want for a fair pace. We supply only the very best service and superior outcomes.

Clients Evaluation about Our Professional Photo Editing Services

We have been working with more than 5000 happy clients all over the world. Here, Some of them gave their service feedback for us.

Great communication. Delivered on time. Pefectly edited.

Fabrizio Cestari

Very quick responses and an excellent understanding of what I was wanting done.


Fantastic. They were attentive and did even better than I could imagine. Very easy to communicate with. Will work with again.


Our Photo Editing Examples

Here are some previous work examples of our image retouching, color corrections, product photo editing, image restoration services. Click on the image to see before and after examples. Click on the images for full view.

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