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Orbit Graphics is committed to protecting their visitor’s personal information. When you are using our website, you can remain safe for all time from us. This privacy policy relates to any personal information that is collected from users and readers of orbit graphics website. Generally, we collect information through.

  • Cookies Policy: A small piece of data stored on your computer or mobile device by our web browser. We use it to show you our website with more easily options. You don’t need to remember our sites name and others. You will see it in your browser. Though, you can enable or disable it at any time. You have also opportunities to remove cookies from your browser.
  • Social Media Accounts: We monitor our social media accounts each time and collect our reader’s information like their desirable content, post engagement, shareable content and more other information.
  • Google Analytics: Orbit Graphics use google analytics to track its visitor’s activities in websites. We collect information visitor’s country, age, which page they visit, their gender and more other information. Of course, we gather it for advertisement of our website. We always try to show right piece of content in front of right people.
  • E-mail Newsletter: However, orbit graphics collects e-mail address from our readers to send our newsletter. We don’t force any of our readers to give their mail address. Moreover, we never use any unethical ways to collect it.

Therefore, this privacy policy applies only when website content generated by Orbit Graphics.

What types of information Orbit Graphics collects

  • Personal Information: Orbit Graphics collects their visitor’s personal information’s like name, phone number, and email address. The only reason to collect it sharing our content to you.
  • Non Personal Information: We gather information of reader’s activities with our contents. How much it is shared, post engagement, number of viewers of post. We gather this information for creating more engaged content for our readers.

Security of Information:

Orbit Graphics never discloses any information of their readers to others. We have no affiliations with other websites. Moreover, we never sell any data to third parties. Your information will remain safe and secure to us. Although, 100% secure is not guaranteed. But, we use commercial tools to store your data. So, the risk is very low to disclose your information.

Modification of Privacy:

Orbit Graphics reserves all rights to modify, change, alter or omit any terms of privacy policy at any time. But, we usually modify privacy policy when we bring any updates of website. By using our website, you must accept these changes. We suggest everybody to check it periodically. If any changes we bring, you can easily notice this.


At any time, if you don’t want to see our content through email newsletter or any content marketing promotional campaign, you can unsubscribe Orbit Graphics. The link you will find below the newsletter.

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