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Photoshop Shadow Creation Service

Photoshop shadow creation service is one of the most important photo editing service, specially designed for eCommerce retailers. Raising attraction to products is the success key for eCommerce business. The best product image presentation can solve this issue dramatically. In the competitive market, everyone wants to display their best product image. But, some product photo looks unattractive, unusual at a first glance like wallet, ring, and clothes. Simply, adding a shadow can significantly change its outlook performance. Creating 3d effects makes this most appealing among the audience. And, for doing this retailer must need to take advantage of Photoshop shadow creation service.

Various types of shadow can be applied on the product image. Depending on image Photoshop experts can suggest which one will be perfect for this product. Generally, natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow or original shadow is applied to product photos like a pen, mobile, jewelry, books, and other flat images. But, shadow creation can be also applied to group photos, model photography, real estate photos.

Shadow Creation Service at Orbit Graphics

At the time taking photo-shoot, natural shadow adds on the image. But, this is not perfect for all time. For an attractive outlook, the shadow should add manually using Adobe Photoshop. This is the best photo editing software that delivers any work perfectly.

Orbit Graphics offers professional shadow creation service for our valuable clients. For perfection, we remove background from an image using clipping path and Photoshop masking techniques. We also clean the dust, noises and enhance the beauty using retouching techniques. If needed, we also make the color correction on the image. And, finally, we apply our shadow creation strategy on the image.

Your final image will be most appealing, we guarantee it. No matter of quantity. We work on a single image to bulk production images. Before sending us orders, we always suggest our newest clients hitting free trial button at first. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Photoshop Shadow Creation Service Categories

Reflection Shadow Creation Service

Photoshop reflection Shadow Creation Service

If the background surface reflects on bottom areas during photography, Photoshop reflection shadow creation service is perfect for making an image more appealing. For example ceramic products image, electronic equipment, bottle images and more.

Natural Shadow Creation Service:

ecommerce shadow creation service

During photography, if background surface doesn’t reflect on bottom areas of product image, We apply natural shadow creation process on this product image. Final image looks very attractive and easily able to draw shoppers attention.

Drop Shadow Service:

jewelry Drop shadow creation

Extremely useful for unattractive and look like naked products image like chair, table, wallet and more. We create fake shadow in bottom area but it seems more realistic. Photoshop experts like us use filter for doing this perfectly. Cost-effective but more revenue generating service for eCommerce business.

Retain Original Shadow Creation service:

Photoshop Shadow Creation Service usa

Do you want to retain your products original shadows? Sometimes, due to lightening problems or photo shoot problems or camera setting shadow may be dimmed. Ultimately, product images look unrealistic and unattractive for this. We can help you to retain the original shadow of these images.

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