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What Is Photo Editing? The Complete Guide about photo editing

what is photo editing? what the benefit of photo editing? Why I should do photo shopping?

we often hear this type of question. In this post, we will try to clear everything about photo editing

The most important terms after capturing any photo-shoot are its better visualization. Image Editing is the only way to do the job. Every photographer knows very well the importance of image post-processing. Even more, high skilled photographers with the best camera captured photos also need photo editing. As, better visualization helps more engagement, better conversion.

From online stores to professional photography business success rate depends largely on visualization. Because customers see product photos at first. After convincing the first step they move the next step. Whether they will purchase the product or contact a photographer for their project.

With the help of professional photo editing service, they can do this easily. For this, every photographer applies some edits to their photo-shoot. In this article, we will cover everything about photo editing.

What is Photo Editing? A complete Definition

In simple, photo editing is the change of an existing photo shoot. These changes can be modifying, altering any portion, or improving its visualization using different tools, software.

Digital Photographs may look good at the time of the photo-shoot, but not perfect. It needs to fix some errors like, background removal, removing spots, unwanted elements such as scratches, (red eye, contrast, brightness, etc. Adjustment colour or changing original colour into multi-colour, Adding some realistic shadow, enhance the beautification is terms of photo shopping.

The only motto of photo shopping is enhancing the beautification of digital photographs. It can be done both manually and automatic software.

Some Common names of photo editing

  • Photo Editing/Image Editing
  • Image Post Processing
  • Photo Post Processing
  • Image/Photomanipulation
  • Photoshopping
  • Image/Photo Enhancement

What is image editing- the complete guide

Importance of Photo Editing

Today, the world is moving very fast, so people prefer to buy products online, see activities, and hire people online. In short, we are living using the facilities of the internet. It makes our life more comfortable.

It is a reality; images talk better than thousands of words of mouth. People love to see visualizations. That’s why image-centric social networks like Instagram, Pinterest are growing very fast. Today, people love to spend more time on these types of networks.

If you want to run an online business such as clothing, food, retail, travel, and more, you must take advantage of photo editing. Today, markets are highly competitive. It would be best if you always prioritize your customer’s choice—better visualizations, a better opportunity to sell more.

Now, we will discuss some significant importance of photo editing.

Build your brands:

If you want to build your brands online, editing your photos should be your top priority. Why? Every brand has its creativity, styles, compositions, patterns, color, text styles, and more issues. So, editing images may enable you to do it quickly. Remember, people love brand images. Moreover, they feel very confident using the brand’s product or service.

Boost your online sales

Today, people love to buy a product online rather than visiting a shop. In western countries, people are almost dependent on online shopping. It creates more opportunities to start your own online business.


Not, if you want to succeed in online business, you must upload edited images.


Statistics show, almost 55-60% of people love to see white background images.

Moreover, every big eCommerce platform like Amazon, Alibaba, and Ali express Etsy has their standard product uploading guidelines. If you want to start a business using these platforms, you need to edit images.

More quality images, more opportunities to boost sales, and the highest chances to beat your competitors. For this reason, big eCommerce companies, fashion brands always prefer outsourcing photo editing.


Because a professional photo editing company can deliver 1000+ images daily with outstanding quality, it saves time and money.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Today, people love to spend their leisure time on social media. Simultaneously, it is an ample opportunity for a business person to sell their products using social media.


Research social media, you want to use for selling products. People love to see funny type’s images, gif images, short videos, and more, quickly attracting their considerations.

So, by getting the beneficiary of photoshopping, you can quickly boost your social media marketing strategies.

Multi-platform using ability:

It is a reality that you can’t use the same image size in multi-platform. For instance, images that fit for Instagram doesn’t work for Pinterest. Moreover, you can’t use the same image for digital use and using the printable format. To keep the image ready for each platform, you need to use image-editing techniques.

Add Your Heading Text Here

It is a reality that you can’t use the same image size in multi-platform. For instance, images that fit for Instagram doesn’t work for Pinterest. Moreover, you can’t use the same image for digital use and using the printable format. To keep the image ready for each platform, you need to use image-editing techniques.

Make your website easy loading:

Big image obliviously affects your website loading speed. So, you may lose your potential customers after applying all marketing strategies. But, you easily keep your image size in web-ready format by using image editing techniques.

Advertise your products or service more effectively:

Remember, visualizations work great for any advertising. If your images can draw attention from the right audience, it will boost your sales, no matter which product or services you’re selling. The only concern is the right audience targeting with perfect visualizations.

And, photo editing techniques give you the opportunity of making perfect visualizations.

Re-use your images

Do you know you can easily re-use your images by changing their background or adding a new background, making them a gif file, cubbing it with other images? It can save you time and money. Taking a picture, again and again, needs both time and money. But, you can do it easily using image editing tools.

What Is Photo Editing Studio?

Photo Editing studio is the place where photo editors edit the photos. It may be a single room or large office. However,  some photographers do their image editing task at own in their house using the software. But, maximum photographers, photography agencies, online retailers don’t do any editing tasks for their photographs. Instead of,  they hire an outsourcing company providing this photo editing service.

As image post-processing is time-consuming and labour-intensive work. By consolation of this hard work, they can even more focus on their work. On the contrary, Photo post-processing companies fix all errors and send the edited image within the pre-scheduled time frame. A lot of image editing studio prevails in the world that works all day for image enhancement.

Different Types of Image Editing:

There are various types of image editing. From these, some image editing is straightforward. Anyone can make this by applying less effort. Some are more complicated photoshopping. Patience, skill are both needed for these types of photo editing.

Don’t worry. Nothing is impossible if you have a dedicated mind to learn, a desire to gain skill, and patience to implement it.

Some photo editing techniques are:

  1.  Image resizing: Resize the existing image on photo editing software.
  2. Image cropping: Crop your photographs to adjust their dimensions
  3. Recolor: Change your picture’s colour or add an entirely new colour in the photo.
  4. Colour- correction: Fix your existing image colour.
  5. Photo masking: This technique is applied on hair, fur portions for hiding or revealing.
  6. Clipping path: It is a process of extracting an image subject or element from its background.
  7. Photo retouching: It is a process of altering or polishing an existing image for a better outcome than before. Editors use their skills, merit, and techniques for making a better image.
  8. Photo enhancement: Simply, a process of enhancing photo adjusting color, light, sharpness
  9. Image background removal: Remove the background of an image, adding a new environment.
  10. Shadow effects: Add a shadow effect naked-like product such as a wallet. Sometimes, we also create shadow effects on humans.
  11. Photo stitching: It is a process of combining multi images into one image.
  12. Ghost mannequin effect creation: Editors remove the dummy from product photos. Finally, the product looks like a ghost effect.
  13. Vector conversion: It is the process of converting raster images into vectors.
  14. Brightness, contrast: Fix the brightness and contrast of the images.

Basics of Photo Editing

Edit the photo combines with the vast area. A photo editor may play various games with a single photo. You must need to learn these techniques step by step. It is impossible to become a photo editing master in one day or one month—all you need to practice it regularly.

Remember, patience is the key to becoming a photo editing master. As no great result comes with smooth work.

Anyway, total photo editing skill isn’t possible to show in a tutorial. Now, we will see some basics of photo editing. We use adobe Photoshop for photo editing purposes. We will show you some basics from the adobe Photoshop tool.

Open images in Photoshop

At first, open Photoshop on your desktop or laptop. You will see some top bar menu. Click on the file menu. From here, click on the open sub-menu. It will open a pop-up box enabling you to select an image from your computer. You can also use this feature by clicking the shortcut key Ctrl+O on your keyboard.

Duplicate Image file copy:

We always suggest, work on duplicate file copy. If you do any wrong, you can quickly recover this. For file duplicating, click the mouse’s right button on the image layer. You will find an option, duplicate the layer. Just click on it. Your image layer will be duplicated.

Save images on your computer.

After completing your editing task, click on the File menu at the top menu bar again. At this time, click on the save as button. A pop box will open and ask you the formats you want to save. By default, it will show jpeg, jpg format if you wish to this format, no need to change anything. Just give the name of your file and click on the ok button.

You can also do this by pressing the keyboard shortcut key (Shift+Ctrl+S) button.

If you want to save your image in a web-ready format, you can do it also. We suggest this if you’re going to use these images on the website. For this, click on the File menu ( I am using photoshop cc 2020); rather than the save menu, click the export button. A ne sub-folder will open in front. From here, click on the save for web button.

You can easily do this by pressing the keyboard shortcut key (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S) button.

Image Rotation:

If you want to rotate your images, click on the photos top bar menu. Here, you will see some hidden menus. From there, click on the image rotation folder. A deep-hidden sub menu will pop up in front of you. Select what types of rotation you want. You may try each type of rotation for practice only.

Image Cropping:

After opening the image in photoshop, you will some menus are showing the left side. Select crop tool from there. You can select which portions you want to keep after that press the enter button. Your image will be cropped.

You can easily select the crop tool by pressing the keyboard shortcut key “c.” if you want to know more about the crop tool. We have written an article on how to use the crop tool in photoshop, read this.

Image Resizing:

Another primary type of photo editing is image resizing. For doing this, again click on the image at the top menu bar. This time select image size from the sub-menu. You can also find it by pressing the keyboard shortcut key (Alt+Ctrl+I).

Select your expected image ratio. You can also change image dimension’s also like pixels, inches, centimeters. Select whatever you want; after that, click the ok button. Your image size will be changed.

What is photo editing tools?

Photo editing tools are the most important for editing any photos. From resizing to enhance the beautification of an image, you need to depend on photo editing tools. So, photo editing software is a program used for editing pictures correctly.

Why should we use this?

To do the work more efficiently. Without photo editing software, it is impossible to edit photos. As the number of the image used in business increases, more photo editing software’s are invented.

Almost every photo editing tool allows you to crop, resize images, adjust brightness and contrast, re-color or color correction, retouch, and essential filters.

Each photo editing software has its features, cost, and facilities. It depends on you which software you will use for your photo editing purpose.

What Is The Best Photo Editing Software For Desktop?

There is a lot of photo editing software in desktop versions. From them, we are trying to pick some best software for you. You may use any of this in your photo editing task. Again, it is your choice which one you will use in your work.

Adobe Photoshop: the best software for professional photo editing. If you want to learn photo editing for the profession, or you already provide professional photo editing services, it would be your first choice. Every professional photo editor uses this. We also use this software for our client’s photo post-production work.

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Examples of Photo Editing Software

Canva: if you’re entirely new in design, then this software would be your best partner. Remember, it is a drag and drops software. So, you can easily do editing with canva.

GIMP: it is called an alternative to adobe Photoshop. You may check it also.

Pixlr: they demand that Pixlr fulfil all your photo editing demands having control over your images, image layers, and effects.

Corel Paint Shop Pro: powerful photo editing and graphic design tool.

Cyber link Photo Director: Have a smooth interface and powerful capabilities of photo editing.

What are the favourite photo editing apps?

A Lot of mobile apps have been created for smooth photo editing. From there, we try to find out some popular photo editing apps for yourself.

Examples of Photo Editing Mobile Apps

  • Instagram: it is a trendy image sharing social media site. But, they have also photo editing features. So, you can use it before uploading photos on Instagram.
  • Snap speed: Google develop this app. So, you can easily understand its capacity. It has 29 tools and filters, also updating day by day. Moreover, It has some great features like Healing, brush, HDR, perspective. It is entirely a professional-level photo editing app.
  • VSCO: Joel Flory and Greg Lutze created this app. It allows you to capture photos and edit them. It has pre-set editing filters and tools with both android and ios versions.
  • Photoshop Mix: it is an Adobe product. Creative mobile photo editing app having both ios and android versions.
  • Photo Director: it is a product of Cyber link. It has both ios and android version. You can check it also.

History of Photo Editing

It is difficult to say the actual date of starting photo editing in the world. People claim that in the 1860s, the first photo shopping happened. Therefore, it is a known example of the first photo post-processing work. It was President Abraham Lincoln’s photo.

Before inventing Photoshop, people used ink, paint for editing pictures. They also pasted images together for enlarging photos.

In the 1860s first photo editing programs were made for the personal computer. Photo post-processing famous tool “adobe Photoshop released in 1987. From them, still, now, it is the best image editing tool.

In 2011, the first mobile photo editing app was released in the app store. The first mobile photo editing app was Fotolr Photo Editor. Now, many companies release image editing apps in app stores.

They demand, with these apps, people can easily edit their photos.

Not only mobile apps, today, we can see many web applications also for photo editing. From this, canva, Flickr, vectr, fotojet are well-known image editing applications.

After inventing photo shopping programs, though many tools, apps, and web applications are developed, still, adobe Photoshop is the best image editing tool.

Every professional photo editing service provider uses this tool. Day by day, they add new features to their Photoshop programs.

Digital Photo Post-Processing Techniques

While you are using digital photo post-processing techniques, you may use two different photo shopping methods. One is pixel photography editing, and the other is parametric photography editing.

What are these methods? How to implement this in photography? I know some questions like this arise in your mind.

Let’s find the solutions.

Pixel editing: it is a complicated photography editing process. Editors apply their editing skills on a pixel-based. It may destroy your image quality. If you lose your grade, it is almost impossible to regain it in pixel editing. So, whenever you are applying your skill in pixel-based, keep a backup copy of files. If anything occurs wrong, you may easily use your copied file. It enables you to apply more detail to photograph.

Parametric image editing: it is also popularly known as the PIE method. In this method, editors never change the pixels of the photograph. Though you will not be able to apply all types of editing in this method, it is better to start with the PIE method.

After gaining a lot of skill, move on to pixel editing. It will give you more confidence at work.

The Role Of Photo Editor

A photo editor may be a person or image editing software. Let’s talk about the issue straighter forward.

In the market, you will find a lot of automated editing software. This software offers you doing your editing work easily. For example, you need a clipping path for your image. This software allows you to do this automatically. I don’t want to argue with its accuracy. You may try it and find your answer.

But, if you want to edit your image manually by a human being, you need to outsource some experts. Here, is a big advantage for you. By saving time and money, you may concentrate on your work. Maximum, photo editing service provider delivers their work timely. Also, their knowledge of image editing helps you to bring a great result.

How to choose the best image post-processing, team.

It is a very crucial part when you outsource any work. Bad quality work can ruin your business. If you find a great team that works full time for you on a contract basis, it may save you time and money.

Here is some common issue you should focus before hiring any image editing team.

  • The experience level of the image editing team
  • Determines to deliver services timely
  • Ability to provide rush service
  • Customer support team
  • File security guaranteed
  • Payment methods and billing cycles.
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