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Top Ten Real Estate Photographers in USA

Top Ten Real Estate Photographers in USA

Do you want to run a successful real estate business? Real estate is a very competitive business and costly business. To draw attention buyer’s among your real estate projects is extremely important. And, a professional real estate photographer can help you a lot. In today, we will talk about the top ten real estate photographers in the USA.

Why you need a real estate photographer?

Okay, we know that the first impression is the best. If you can draw buyer’s attention to your project, then the rest marketing policy will be easy for selling this property.

It is difficult to show every individual customer’s live project. The only solution is showing them visually.

The 360-degree panorama images are the best option you can pick. The buyer will be able to show the project in each corner. It will inspire them to attract to your project.

A real estate photographer knows the process well. They can capture your project in detail. Ultimately, it will help you to generate more profit from your real estate business.


Top Ten Real Estate Photographers in USA


Chris Meyer:


Chris Meyer is a real estate photographer in the Southeastern US who specializes in architectural photography. He has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years and has been featured in Modern Farmer, Southern Living, Sunset, and National Geographic.

He assists real estate owners in making more money. However, he has worked for many world-famous property owners and interior designers. Chris helps real estate owners in presenting their property to customers with an attractive look.


Scott Basile:


Who is Scott Basile? Scott is a real estate photographer based in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. He has been a professional photographer for over 15 years and has worked for multiple real estate brokers.

He specializes in capturing photos of real estate, commercial projects, and is featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Time Out New York, New York Magazine, the New York Post, the Today Show, and ABC News Nightline.

Brandon Beechler:


Brandon Beechler is a real estate photographer based in the Los Angeles area in California. He is a freelance photographer specializing in Interiors, Architecture, Be Lifestyle, Advertising, and Real Estate images.


He has been featured in several magazines, online blogs, websites, print media, newspapers, and places. His modern techniques transform ordinary photos of property into professionally appealing images. Brandon creates crisp and clean photos using traditional lighting.


Moreover, He is a representation of every detail image very clearly. Additionally, he has worked for many well-respected real estate companies.


Harry Lim:


Harry Lim is a professional photographer who specializes in architectural and interior photography. Due to his passion for architectural and interior photography, he founded Harry Lim Photography in 2012. He works based in central Florida.

He strives to photograph every room professionally to show the space, color, and light accurately. This is in contrast to the dull or blurry photos often used to market homes.


Richard Caplan:


Richard Caplan is a real estate photographer based in New York.  He is one of the top ten real estate photographers in USA. His extensive experience has allowed him to cover all aspects of the real estate industry, from commercial to residential and everything in between

He is a leading photographer for luxury property and interior. Moreover, He is a sought-after photographer in the real estate industry. Additionally, he also takes photos of portraits and family.



Iran Watson:

Iran Watson is one of Atlanta’s most beloved photographers. He is recognized as one of the most talented real estate photographers. He was named the 2012 photographer of the Year.

He uses his skills to capture real estate photos. However, He doesn’t use any fancy cameras for capturing property scenes. Rather than, He uses simple equipment to take pictures.

Iran uses the most recent software to enhance photos. His passion for photography has led him to build his photography business. He works both as an interior and commercial photographer.

Josh Pabst:


Although he was an architect, his focus has been on photography. He is an expert in architectural photography and real estate. His photos are perfect in composition and detail.

You will notice that his photographs are primarily focused on architecture and culture, as he was an architect. His images are natural and look great.

He provides photography services in Chicago and nearby areas as he is a Chicago-based photographer. Josh has worked for many clients in commercial photography.


Eddy Joaquim:

Eddy Joaquim, is a San Francisco-based photographer who has experience in many fields of photography, is the inspiration for photographers. Eddy Joaquim has worked as an architect and designer photographer.

He is an enthusiastic photographer and a former professional architect. Eddy has worked on large projects. Eddy’s team can help him achieve big goals.

He is focused on the details of the subject and emphasized the property’s details in most of his photos. However, Eddy has produced outstanding masterpieces for numerous real estate firms.

The secret to top photographers’ success is their advanced photo editing skills. One-click is all it takes to create a stunning property photo. Advanced real estate photography editing is required to make it look flawless. Real estate photos can stand out with a little bit of advanced editing. Professional photographers who are of high-quality use filters and adjustments.

Michael Kelley:

Michael Kalley is well-known for his many ideas for interior and architectural photography. He is available to assist with real estate projects both in the USA and abroad.

However, Michael offers aerial, interior, and architectural photography services. He is skilled in the interior, architectural, and commercial photography. To meet clients’ ideas, he has captured images that are added to books.

Additionally, Michael captures pictures that show the property in detail. If you are in Los Angeles or another country, you can order property photos. Every photo is taken with the highest quality.

Bree Hunter:

Do you know Bree Hunter? He is an excellent architectural and real estate photographer. His work covers various areas, including San Diego County, Orange County (LA), Riverside County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County.

Bree supplies professional photography for real estate agents to advertise their listings. You can sell your property quickly and easily by taking catchy photos of the exterior and interior while also focusing on details.


Wrap Up


Many real estate companies becomes successful based on a strong, clear visual representation of the property. If you look at the images online or visit the website of a company that specializes in real estate, you’ll find the property that appeals to your eyes.


You won’t buy them if the photos aren’t excellent or shiny. Home buyers review property images online as well as the lists.


On social media, you will find appealing images of the property that are bright and vibrant. These visually attractive images are sure to please customers. Check out the photos. Without professional photography, today’s real business would be a failure.


High-quality images of the property are a big selling point for many real estate firms. If your website does not look attractive, no one will see it. Professional real estate photographers are skilled at creating beautiful commercial photos. To inspire buyers, they focus on the beauty of the property. Moreover, they use advanced techniques and solutions to help real estate agents. We hope from the top ten real estate photographers in USA, you will find your best photographer.










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